7:53 PM, Satuday, May 14th, 2022:
What a strange couple days. It's days like this that make me wonder if it's just ME who would be interested in Mayor and Me, or is it actually special?
Don needed a grill for his birthday party and now that I'm the one of us with a big ass truck, I helped out. He certainly helped me over the years. What always gets me about hanging with him is that his world is so, so, so different. Like - we have so much in common and then we hang out and the rhythm of life is just funny to me. How we view things and give each other shit... even how we navigate HOME DEPOT is different. Ya know? Hard to put my finger on... but the little differences are always amusing to me and he so genuinely annoys me and I know you can see it on my face - which is like Laurel and Hardy... but I'm not acting. And it ALWAYS comes up when I'm with him and never with anyone else. No one annoys me like Don. No one. Strangest shit ever.
However, I corralled him onto the "What The Flux" podcast as I genuinely dig those two and we had a pleasant conversation. After it ended however Don dropped this crazy little nugget...
Isn't that unbelievable? That's why literally being here is so crucial. Things like this just happen when you're around it. Don is in "White Men Can't Jump" because of just hanging with friends. He even has a line in it. It's all meeting people, making connections... and just being seen. But man - his mom was on Hollywood Squares and he got to hang out onstage... and voila - he's the voice of Michael Jackson and is hanging out with the Jackson 5 a year later. What the serious fuck.
Yup. Just Don and Michael Fucking Jackson. Surreal.
Anyway - good times. The kids got to hang at Don's house this afternoon before his party got TOO fun. It was cool, though they expected a bit more. Thank goodness he likes Cam, cause Cam goes "Ya know, I thought the MAYYYYYYYYYYor would have a bigger house."
He said it so honestly. LMFAO. Not realizing, this was Debbie Reynolds old house, it's in a pretty nice neighborhood... and is probably a couple million now? But I get it, to a kid? Any guy who has a plane and a boat must have a MANSION.
Welcome to LA, kid. We have a minigolf course and a 4 square court in our backyard. Which, actually does dwarf Don's pad. Of course, pretty sure the resale value of a minigolf course isn't exactly trumping a pool. HA.
Happy early Birthday, Don.