11:53 AM, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022:
Mother of stupid fucks I had ONE SHOT. DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO BLOW.
I MISSED MY CHANCE. MOther fuckertetretg.
Dude, I don't want to do the video now - FUCK. I had to have this submitted by APRIL 29th not MAY 29th I fucking read it wrong fuck. I was DOING THE FUCKING VOICE-OVER for the FUCKING VIDEO and realized it.
GODDDAMN. I'm so annoyed.
So, yeah - the video will go here at some fucking point:
It really is. It really is so stupid. But honestly, all of this is a product of not having a publicist or a manager or SOMEONE to take care of this. Even a well-connected assistant would catch this shit and make things happen. But, as I mentioned - I don't really give a fuck about monetizing The Journey so... I'm simply doing this to KEEP THE FUCKER UP because doing it this long begets stalkers and YouTube is run by GODDAMNED ROBOTS.

(sigh) Cannot BELIEVE they handed me a window to have a human motherfucker look at this video and now it's gone. What the ever loving fuck. Hopefully I can muster up the ambition to try to push this video once I edit it...