2:05 PM, Friday, April 29th, 2022:
Finally getting this bad boy up that I did last week. What a fun hang.
Very fun and futuristic to me to do this with peeps overseas. Pete is a guy who I believe told the "What The Flux" podcast to interview me and then Mike, who runs the "Did you Z That" Youtube channel. So a big thank you to Pete for being such a help in marketing and of course Mike for not only doing this interview - but doing two separate reviews for Fastest Delorean and Fastest Delorean Part II. It's cool watching people discover the movies for the first time and really get them. It means a lot.
And I actually love these kind of videos for the journey because they're so long. They're so raw. So much is lost in the editing, and for good or bad - this is what it's like to sit down with me for 2 hours (yes, 2, hours) in April of 2022.
God I just watched that entire thing again.
It's an out-of-body experience for me, man. I mention this often but "The Journey" as a viewer really is a separate person sometimes in my head. Like, I just watched this again and my thought was sitting in someone else's shoes watching the guy they ONLY knew from Fastest Delorean and seeing how old he looks and... almost like it's someone else. I have a really uncanny ability to wear different hats and one of them is absolutely just "the viewer". It ceases being me once I've completed and uploaded it...
...and turns into the character that is "Adam". I really get why people think Hollywood folks are fake, etc. It's because film, tv even some YouTube channels paint things in a light that's surreal. People become caricatures of the time you see them, though they live in your head for longer.

And the weirdest part? I really am the dude in Fastest Delorean but even I have now watched the movie so many times that I find myself copying the lines in interviews. Granted, I'm parroting myself, but I'm latching onto what feels like this character because he said it better than I can at the moment...
...YET IT'S ME. So weird. The Journey is so, so weird.
But there's a couple really nice moments where they're talking about how the movie affected them and, man, it's what I live for. As a storyteller it's all you want - not even the quantity views, man... the individual moments where you know you made an actual, real, connection. The fact that so many people have told me they STOOD UP when my wheels lifted on that last runs means I told that story in a way that the viewer doesn't even realize until that moment. It's what you aspire to, and hearing these stories will never, ever, ever get old. I swear to you all, I could live off a couple emails a month from people with these stories for the rest of my life and be happy with my career.
Anyway - I gotta paint the wall to my left black because when I move my chair out that looks awful and I do dig how my studio comes across on Zoom.
There's my takeaways. Onto May!