1:52 PM, Saturday, April 23rd, 2022:

Part of the reason I was drawn to the project of "Where You Once Belonged" was because I really didn't know what would come out once I sat down and tried to do this...

...and then of course I've been so busy with life and other shit I haven't really sat down to start the actual writing part, but I have had some moments where I had a few minutes... and that voice is coming out. Like I shared in Entry #2220 - it's age... but it's this effortless screaming thing that feels good? It's cathartic. It's obviously a choice - because I can choose not to do it... but when I'm not thinking? That's what comes out. And I really tried to break it down here...
The thing is, it's not just a voice change - it's an entire identity. Those are two very different people. It's like rapping as Gary or singing as Spencer. They're so different they're comical. I can't see releasing songs THAT different... I feel like I need a happy medium for a "sound" otherwise you're making a joke record where you just do a bunch of different types of music. I mean, I can kinda see that happening because I have so many backgrounds and loves, but I really wanted to find ME. Find my sound and make 10 songs that will SOUND a certain way. A certain cohesiveness. "Stronger Than Before" had that, and because of the inability to bring instruments into the studio, "Hearing My Thoughts" had that - for this I'm really gonna have to find my voice and a sound and create within...
...or I go the opposite direction and have a multitude of pieces like The Journeysongs of past and tell stories... but then, that's just The Journey Volume 3, right? Ugh.
This is hard. This is the block when it comes to things. How you produce these songs changes everything... but that's probably the secret - you take your head out of it and you just produce. You do the instrument you think is right next. You sing the way the song dictates it. You finish one song.
You start again.
You listen to them as a collection. You see where you're going. You fall up the stairs. Right now I'm just standing at the bottom putting separate feet forward and judging THAT. Fuck THAT. When the time comes (and to be honest it will probably when the kids go back to school) - recording the entire album from August 15 - October 15th will be a deadline I'll just keep. And I'll just work at it. And whatever will be will be.

I'll capture the ditties until then... but this "voice" certainly makes it hard to see the future.