9:33 AM, Monday, April 18th, 2022:
So in putting this video together I realized... oh shit, I never posted one for last year...

...then I watched the footage and remembered why. These fuckers got competitive, people got hurt - it wasn't good. LOL. Like, we were kinda leading to this as Vienna could read faster than Cam and I had clues - Cam was just not having it. And I figured it was probably best to just hang onto that one... but I did have to grab the beginning since each video starts showing the beginning of every hunt since 2015. Which means, somehow, this is the 8th easter egg hunt. Goddamn.

We did eventually find the piece, so the chess set is complete. What a sign of the times - we've done this so long we've forgotten where the hell we hid shit. Ugh getting old can be rough...
As can trying to find new and inventive ways to pull this off every year. They build it up SO MUCH and I really thought the chess board idea was cool because both of them wanted to learn chess and, well MARIO! But at the end, Cam was still like "But where's our presents?" and I guess it doesn't really matter the VALUE of these things, or that that freaking chess board was WAY more expensive than any of the goofy gifts they've gotten over the years - the bar was set, and that's what they really dug. Their own tiny piece of shit rather than one big gift. Got it.
But it's getting awfully hard to make these original each year. I'm already trying to come up with something for '23. The problem is that if I make it too hard... what the hell is the video? Just them whining about not finding anything? There's gotta be a happy medium somewhere.
I'll find it...