7:47 PM, Tuesday, April 12th, 2022:
So yeah, wake up Monday ready to take on the WORLD and I do! Start the wonderfully long process of restaining ALLLLLLLLLL the decks on GolfKon. One of my dear friends Chad is visiting on Thursday and that's a great excuse to spruce up the place since we get to spend the day together. Good shit.
But that's for another entry today it's yet another revelation about my END OF LIFE period (lol) - this will be old me. Here, lemme show you the video...
And can I also say, people's reaction to this beard and my appearence is so jaw-droppingly insane? Like people are noticeably angry I'm not as attractive as they'd like me to be. The comments are just fucking crazy. And this overwhelming inference that I'm torturing Talya... we just read this shit with our head spinning. Y'all have some fucking issues, man. If you can see someone as happy as me and judge it this harshly? Holy fuck, what the hell is happening in your lives? GODDAMN.
But anyway, as I said in the video I do have to play make-believe at some point this year so this is all temporary... and I'm not doing the full-time beard anytime soon - but I'll tell you this: it fits me. The way I look right now? Is WAY more Adam than the other guy. The other guy is a box I tried to fit in to look a certain way for the camera, etc. At my core? I'm this dude.
I'm Kurt Russell Santa Claus Chronicles and post 60? That's who you'll see. And I'll own every second of it and love ever second of it. Today was the day that it just absolutely HIT ME.
So to everyone telling me how awful I look and how sad Talya must be (Christ do we need to release a sex tape for you guys to shut up? LMFAO) get ready to block me in a couple years.
<rolling eyes>