6:52 PM, Sunday, April 10th, 2022:
OK, I think maybe I'm starting to feel better. I think. I'll know tomorrow...
...but I'm writing out of sheer boredom. I'm so goddamned exhausted and bored of doing absolutely nothing. I have never been this sick... yeah, I can really say that. I'm a one-day dude when it comes to almost every sickness. Now, that one day?

My body SHUTS DOWN. But I listen, I let it... and the following morning I'm rarin' to go. That was my Thursday. Wednesday afternoon I felt the ol' scratchy throat... the ears... the slight cough - sick. Having kids... you know the drill (even though we haven't been sick until lately for 2 years). But for me it's "Aww shit, tomorrow is gonna suck."
Thursday did indeed suck. But then Friday came. No change. Laughably low energy... just whooped. Saturday? SAME THING. Now I'm a little concerned. I already feel old past my age because of my fatass and this beard - now I'm moving like I'm 80? Fuckouttahere.
THEN THIS MORNING THE SAME THING. 4 days of this shit. Now, no other COVID-Y symptoms and I did take a test and was negative... but here we are. I've taken so many COVID tests and never ben positive nor has anyone in our family...
...ye for the love of fuck we've had the strangest past month of symptoms and just outright shitty days. Maybe these tests are just worthless to the new variants, but truth be told - I never go anywhere so it really makes little difference. The kids feel find now and are going to school and Talya and I are just kind of soup. Incredibly she seems a little better off than me which has NEVER happened in our time together. Her shit lingers - I'm ok within 24 hours. So what the holy fuck.
And what the holy fuck is gonna be the entry video? Let me check my phone...
Well shit the last video I have is from last week when I took a COVID test (that was of course negative) so I guess that's the video for this entry?
I guess it's probably a good thing to have documented in The Journey. We'll look back on those boxes years down the line and be flooded with memories. I do feel bad for the people that only watch this on YouTube as it's HIGHLY misleading. LOL.
That's why ya gotta read the entries people. Can't do much about that...