10:55 AM, Monday, March 28th, 2022:
So sweet....
Very interesting having a side of the family that is super private. I mean they do have a YouTube channel so I guess they're not that private, but Tim (their father and the person I grew up with like a brother) most definitely is. So this entry feels super eggshell-ish, but I've decided I'm just gonna write it like normal, then reread it and see if it should be ammended...
My mother and I are kinda nuts. Admittedly. We're emotional, we talk about those emotions often... in fact, that's The Journey: me working out my shit. The fact that anyone else can read this is simply a form of accountability for me and the numbers are sooooooooooooo low, it's clearly not for attention. I just enjoy the discipline, it makes me a better human.
Her brother Tim however, not so much. Surface, surface, surface - avoids any conflict within seconds and I've known this about him for 35 years. We get along fine, but there's a limit to your connection and I let go of trying to have that connection around 2005/2006. Wasn't gonna happen, we were different peeps. That's what makes the world go 'round.
Vienna and Cameron are quite a bit like me and their nana and... well most kids: they emote. Shit has to happen for you to avoid emotions, ya know? You aren't born that way. So when Vienna started watching Lila and Elsa's stop-motion channel she wanted to write to them and they wrote back! It was a "bring a tear to your eye" moment for me as no matter the lack of connection with Tim... he's still the only person I grew up with. I have dozens of great childhood memories, it was simply as adults where it was clear we just didn't really mesh.
But now there's this... and much to my relief - the kids all got along great. I was really, really, really worried about the age differences. Early teens... kind of a crapshoot, right? Kids 8-9 look up to them and they most assuredly look DOWN to them... and that just wasn't the case with Lila and Elsa. So much so, I will absolutely need to make certain they're in town when we visit because the kids would be CRUSHED if they didn't see them. That's just awesome and all I could've hoped for.
So here's to the younger generation, teaching us a few lessons! Can't wait to reconnect again...