10:34 AM, Friday, March 25th, 2022:
This is probably a bigger entry than it seems on face value. Video first....
I feel like I need to be clear that I really didn't show the whole thing. Like, my voice-over says I'm not showing what I'm CLEARLY showing, but the lead-up and the actual audio... whew. That's what I wasn't showing. It's a different story. A very, very different story... but that leads to the main point about sanitizing the journey and one that should be kind of clear here in year 23:
I'm honest about ME. I'll show my ugly sides all day. I can't do that to my kids, man. I can't do that to my wife... hell there's a reason so many Jess entries are STILL LOCKED nearly 20 years later. I love these people, it's not my place and there's already more than enough places where I feel I may have said too much. Seriously, if not for Donna writing her own entry pressing me to be open, even THAT would be locked. There's a reason why you all think her name is Charlotte, ya know? I refuse to "out" her, I just need a safe space to talk about this neurotic brain so I can lead a normal and pleasant life.
I'd also be remiss if I didn't address the whole gun vs. needle aspect of ear piercing. I did the needle thing 30 years ago (that's a story in and of itself, ain't it Christen?) and would've gone that route if it were up to me... however, with Vienna it was an absolute non-starter. She has a phobia of needles that rivals all other phobias and if it weren't for the invention of the "gun" this wouldn't have happened. Just kind of the way it is. I know all the arguments and at the end of the day, the fact that Claire's has been in business for 35 years means that the rumors of how awful they are might just be a little exagerrated? Maybe? But yes, had it even been in the realm of possibility we would've chosen a tattoo parlor as it's just a more pleasant experience.
Now, the reason this is probably a bigger entyr than initially thought? The end. I think it's kind of official now: this will be handed over to the kids when I pass. Part of me thinks that's an inordinate amount of pressure to put on your kids, but by the time that baton passing happens, we'll probably have a better idea of what's possible. But yeah, there's no reason they can't keep documenting and have it be this massive Kontras saga. I imagine people 50 years from now finding that super interesting. Hell, it will be more THEIR journey than mine at some point.

Wait, fuck, wow. 1275 entries will be before kids. If The Journey then spans their lives it'll dwarf that. It truly will be their journey, and their dad just gave a 12 year backstory. Man, that really changes perspective doesn't it... whew.
That really made my head spin. Gonna go for a walk now.
PS - Hiccups suck.