9:39 AM, Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022:
This is such a wild topic. Video, then more yappin'...
I find I'm uniquely qualified to talk about this, and it's strange because I feel like it's going to be a very "talked about" issue for future generations. The moment Facebook started the timeline thing where they'd remind you of your history, every Facebook user became ME. A guy who had been doing this for the entire century. 10 years later it's clear that most everyone is in this camp.
The one big difference is The Journey spotlights just 8 events a month. Facebook and all social media is an almost daily upload of your life so moments like I described in this video won't happen as much... but the issue of losing memories that aren't documented are really quite apparent.
100 years ago, you'd just continue to sit with friends and share stories. Stories and stories and stories. And maybe you'd write them down, but eventually as time passed and people passed, the only stories that made it were the best of the best. I think of my grandfather that just passed in January - oh the stories he shared repeatedly (almost to the point of our exhaustion), those really are lost forever. We will share stories of him, but they will be from OUR perspective. It's why that one video of him that I recorded without him knowing is so golden. THAT will live forever. It will overshadow everything in that man's history...
...so then you come to The Journey which is thousands of videos. Especially for my children - it's their entire lives. Their entire childhood is documented professionally and often and the kids just adore it. We have "Journey nights" where we watch videos of their childhood and it's so vivid it feels like you're IN the memory. And what this video proves? Is, in fact, they are. I don't know if they have ANY memories of the first 5 years of their lives that aren't the videos. It SEEMS like that's bad, right? Like I kind of brainwashed them in a sense. But then I think of the first 5 years of my life and, well, it's still pictures.
Hmmm, is it? Well if I'm thinking of what I looked like, sure - but I also have memories of FEELINGS. Random moments in a back seat of a car, or running errands or the voices of Tim, nana and my mother. That's what 0-5 is for me. So I guess, everyone's memories get blurred and at least for my kids they have hours upon hours of specific moments that really, honestly, completely, feel like being there. They're lucky in that sense for sure.
But it still blows my mind that both of them had ZERO memory of LegoLand and clearly I'm gonna need to make a garbage Columbus entry from now on with every possible little moment so just maybe 20 years from now they can be reminded and THEN access their actual memories.
Really fascinating topic...