4:02 PM, Thursday, March 10th, 2022:
This fuckin' game dude. It has completely thrown me off my schedule diet-wise, studio-wise, everything-wise. I'm barely returning Delorean calls. I am breathing, eating and sleeping this game. Elden Ring. Who knew. Enjoy me losing it at a boss that I finally beat...
Weird thing is I've never really played games from this developer. I heard about them because they're infamously hard, but this one is more open-world, so you can just level up and try again if it seems too hard. It's still hard... but the world is so beautiful. I'm playing on the PC and since I'm used to the Nintendo Switch and VR? This is like... woah. Just feels like a living and breathing world. I'm loving it.
Anyway, I know I'm close to the end which is a bummer, but I really really do have to move on. I'm already not going to have my bearded shit done for Volume 2 before we go back to Ohio - I'm just so behind. LOL.
But ya know what? I go hard. Like, My life since the Monday after Thanksgiving has been CRAZY intense. My mind/body is really good at telling me: Dude, just chill. Like, going to bed and thinking about what I need to do in a VIDEO GAME? That's a vacation for me. I love having things to do even when I'm relaxing, but I like it alot more if the stakes are really low.
Building a loft is something new but of course if you do it wrong your kids fall from the ceiling. So yeah, stakes are higher. :-)
Anyway - very rare I write about a videogame, especially a FLAT one after all my VR stuff, but Elden Ring is very special. I've adored my time with it. Way to go, Fromsoft.