8:46 PM, Monday, February 28th, 2022:
And sometimes you just have a day that feels very LA...
From Griffith Park hikes to the farmers market to the ice cream truck... these are all things you can get everywhere... yet they're a little weird here. Ya know? Or maybe you don't...
Los Angeles has a long, rich history of just making shit up. Palm trees don't grow here - people decided to make it look like they do. The Farmer's Market is in parking lots that are so congested it, again, feels forced - but it's still great food and totally fun.
The infamous CVT ice cream truck is the dude that got lots of press for telling influencers not only can they go fuck themselves, but they can pay DOUBLE if they even bring up who they are. Now, Joe is a good friend of Jesse's so that wasn't gonna be an issue... but I didn't bring up The Journey just in case. ;-)
But it was nice busy day with the kids, enjoying the weather and I do really love this city. I've been here almost a quarter-century and there's so much I haven't seen. It's crazy. So big. So much to do. I really love that.
And yeah, it's way more "outdoorsy" than anyone ever realizes. Which, thank the fuck Christ. I love seeing people slam California. Oh please do. Please leave, please don't come back. There is simply no other state in the union I'd rather be in and I sure would like less of you next to me. ;-)
Giddy-Up. Goodbye February!