2:54 PM, Friday, February 25th, 2022:
Wow, Don surprised me...
Surprise is actually a bit too strong of a word, I just wasn't really thinking about it. I knew Don was a bass player but the fact that he's that good, tells you what's so true about Hollywood: we're all hiding talent. Talents. Just so much. Nearly all of us and those that don't? Are usually the assholes. Because, let's just say you really ARE only known for some shitty background gigs in movies as an actor. And decades have passed... you're gonna hold onto that HARD. And since you're insecure about your actual skills? Your ego just fills in the holes.
There's a reason why Don and I are pretty laid back in person - we're not insecure. There's a reason Don is down to earth about the BTTF stuff: it's the least of his skills. That wasn't his "peak" that was a thing he did decades ago. Now, he's grateful as fuck because he gets to do all sorts of cool shit because of it... but man - you only need to hang with him a few times to realize it's just not him. You don't always feel that.
But yeah, Don can play. And I could very well end up writing something where I'd need him to sit-in which is also what I think will make the whole project kind of interesting. Showing different stories. I'm self-aware enough to know exactly what I can do and what I can't do and the song being the best is what matters. I can pull off the "boring" stuff as Don put it, but if I ever do something a bit more lively, he's certainly the man for the gig.
...I am annoyed that he'd be part of ANOTHER project since he likes to rib me about riding his coattails... dick.
But the chemistry is real. I'm no dummy.