12:22 PM, Monday, February 21st, 2022:
Man this took forever because I didn't care. LOL.
So back in, wow - November of 2019? Lemme get the link...
Oh, yeah, of course it's locked. My stalker got my YouTube channel removed. The irony however, is that in DOING that, it forced me to monetize (more on that in a second) and when he also then erased me from wikipedia, that actually pushed me to find the Guinness Book of World Records entry and is the only reason I have that plaque in my office. Crazy, right? His two attempts at hurting me just made good shit happen. Way to go, Karma. But still, fuck that guy. Can't wait to hear that he has died. Like seriously, will do a joyful entry and if he is actually murdered I will be OFFENDED if the police don't question me. Granted, it's a long list, but I had BETTER be UP THERE. Heh.
So, yes this happened a long time ago and what I realized as I went through all my contacts (some of whom even work at Google/YouTube) is that if you're not a monetized channel they have no fucks to give you when this happens. Yup, anyone can claim a copyright issue, get your channel REMOVED and it's all done by computer with no human involvement. Which meant this stalker could claim his harassing phone call to me was something he wrote, therefore I'm stealing it.
I'll say this - that's clever.
In the end, it was just a week or so and it was cleared up, but it made me realize that I can't put everything in the hands of crazy people.
Now, the question has to be - why on earth are you not monetized? Well, because I don't want to be. I don't want to care about that. This isn't a job for me, it's therapy. And the moment I do ANY videos for profit? I've lost the whole point of this site. It simply isn't how I operate. I've avoided if for 15 years because of that. But after being ignored while getting railroaded by a stalker, it's clear I do at least have to play the game and turn on that verification.
So I went through everything and then never received the physical mail to my address that's supposed to come. I waited for a year. Nada. I also couldn't find anyone to talk to about it not arriving. Granted, didn't push it much, but two FULL YEARS passed and I thought of it again (probably thanks to the Guinness stuff) and I found a page that would resend the mailed verification. This time it arrived super fast and I finally got it all set up this week. So now, every video is at least monetized. It will mean absolutely no money for me, but when I find the time to actually push The Journey and being the first vlogger... at least the foundation is there.
Goddamn I need someone to manage all this shit.
Anyway, the studio is comin' along and I recorded this...
Heh. Don's coming over this week so I'll get to try out my camera set-ups. Trying to make it so the whole room is covered when people come by to jam, whatnot - so I don't have to really thing about it. Easier said than done of course.
Anyway, that's why I'm monetized even though I don't really want to and haven't pushed for subscribers or views.