10:30 AM, Tuesday, February 15th, 2022:
We're getting close to the period in 2013 where I kind of just wanted to stop playing. I swear it's all luck. All of these people are good and have won, I just keep having holes like this...
I went back and forth on what to show in this entry and I kept coming back to that ONE hole. I mean it's only a 9-hole tournament for the Superbowl, so chances are there will be one crucial moment but man, all 4 players separated at that hole. It was crazy. I got a birdie the next hole and that was it! So yay, I win again...
...and the Rams won! Woo hoo! I guess. I feel kind of down on them to be honest. After going to the opener at the stadium and being a season ticket holder back in the day... for whatever reason? I just can't get pumped up about them. Weird, right? It's those GODDAMN COLORS looking so much like Xichigan. And of course the superbowl being here... I mean it was always a bucket list item as a kid to go to a Superbowl and the prices were so insane I just couldn't. $6k to say you did it. ALONE. I mean, what the hell is the point. Football live just ain't basketball live. No other way to look at it. Love basketball live, hate football live and that's where I am at 46. That's honestly where I was at 26.
Glad they won though. Good game.
Kind of bummed I won, though. COME ON MATT LENDACH, YA GOTTA COME BACK! Oh yeah, he moved out of state during the pandemic, so the best ain't playing. Therefore I'm winning. He's inifinitely better than I am at the game of golf. But I'm hear. And being available is pretty, pretty crucial.