11:35 AM, Monday, February 14th, 2022:
This is one of the more meta entries within these walls...
I think it only took a couple years of The Journey for me to think about future kids reading it... but what I didn't really think about was how much the videos themselves would permeate their self-awareness - since they, too would inadvertently be part of it. For example:
We routinely have "Journey nights" where we just pop around in folders marked for the year and pick our favorite Journey movies. That's how the kids connect with their early childhood. And when we stumble back before they were born they're just as excited. Journey movies are pretty much all tightly edited, music... it's kind of like their own TV show. So their relationshp with the project is very much THEIRS. Because we're all so close... this now belongs to the family. Of course it's still "me" centered in how I write it... often I'm not even in the family videos because I'm holding the camera... but that just means it's MY memories, and my perspective. It's interesting how it's all evolved.
What I wasn't ready for was this...
It's deep with Cam. Like he really, really, really feels things and almost takes it personal. "Don't do that to my dad!!" And The Journey Vol. 1 is fucking excrutiating. It almost defies belief that Volume 1 and Volume 2 will be so polar opposite. How one meeting at a goddamned coffeeshop not only makes my life better, but makes it UNRECOGNIZABLE is just looney. Like, Fastest Delorean is the only negative thing from Volume 2. 10 years. Which ironically is why Fastest Delorean "works" so well: it's legit heartbreak and drama. Volume 2 is kind of like the Don sections of Fastest Delorean 2: we're just happy and having fun. Not sure Volume 2 is going to be a good movie LOL. Kids will like it... anyway, I digress.
Cam for whatever reason thinks those first ten years are important. Like, I knew both kids would love The Egos. And we watch a lot of them... but Vienna saw The Journey movie once and was like "damn, that was intense." and is cool not watching it again because it's sad. Not Cam. He wants to hear every song, he just CONNECTS. I just don't know how to explain it... and I keep imaginging people reading this going: "Yeah, it's your son. Duh." but Vienna is proof that it isn't just an offspring thing. And the crazy part is, Vienna is more likely to follow in my footsteps creatively (at this point), yet she hasn't latched on the way Cam has. It's all very fascinating and I'm not really proclaiming anything about it, I just feel like it needs to be documented. Ya know? Year 23, sometimes you just put things in stone because you're supposed to.
Only later will we know what it meant...