3:56 PM, Monday, February 7th, 2022:
The Journey is such a blessing. I honestly feel like I've found the cheat code to life. Calling it the "Lemonade Life" doesn't even do it justice. It's not just finding the silver lining... bottom line? The Journey would be LESS INTERESTING if the snow storm and cancellations hadn't happened. Straight up. I didn't just take a sad song and make it better, I made something that makes me not only happy that I flew back for my grandfather, but literally think: "THANK GOD my flight was cancelled. Without it, there is no hardware song." Which is so wonderful to be able to say. Kinda like the cancellation in December equaled the loft. Now we're here. This is a fun video...
It's a truly special bond that we share. This isn't normal father-son activity and to us it just feels like a fun couple of hours. For me specifically because I got to RIP my father out of his comfort zone because I really hate fake instruments in songs. It's also the only music my dad ever makes so there's a bit of a crossroad but that's why I just said - we need to make EVERYTHING SOUND BAD. To which he laughed.
But really? That's the problem with synthesized sounds and even samples: they're recorded perfectly. Well if you're trying to do something along the lines of Hogan's Heroes that was recorded over a half-century ago, you can't do that. You have mess it up. You have to play things far simpler than your ability sometimes... you have to just worry about the "feel". Study Ringo's methods and it's a big insight. He played TO the song and broke every rule there was. He was support for songwriters. It's why The Beatles sound unique. Fascinating stuff the more you delve into it. I mean the fucker hits his first snare in like minute 3 of Come Together. What the fuck, man. It's crazy. And incredibly? When he DOES HIT THAT SNARE? The song jumps up a notch. It makes your head nod a little more.
HE HIT THE SNARE ONE GODDAMNED TIME and you're like "Ok, ok... I'm feeling this." It's magic, man.
ANYWAY - I had a ball doing this. I love the silliness of it. I love that there was no other reason to do this but to have a little marching song to the hardware video. I love that I just randomly started whistling and that melody came out. I love that it feels like I ripped it off, but I kinda think it's original? I honestly have no idea, but it doesn't really matter. Creating things that didn't exist before you decided to document them is the lifeblood of this project.
This has been Entry #2212 and I'll never forget it.
PS - Got home after midnight this morning and I've never been so happy to be on the 405 in my whole life. I'm so conditioned right now for things to fall through I didn't believe I'd see my family until I walked through the door. And even then I had to check their beds and hug Talya. I pray I'm never gone that long from them again, no matter how much I loved the special moments.