9:45 PM, Saturday, February 5th, 2022:
What a crazy couple of days...
So we saw the storm coming and man, Columbus was a direct hit. Kept waiting for that PINK color on the weather maps to go south and they most certainly did not. So my flight was cancelled on Thursday (already a day later than I wanted to stay) and rebooked for Friday. Not a big deal, extra day to see my dad (though anyone else is kind of out because we can't TRAVEL). Level 3 snow emergency, everything closed.
Then yesterday they cancelled me AGAIN and rebooked it for SUNDAY. THAT was a kick to the nuts. That's the longest I have ever been away from my kids in their entire life and I'm in a goddamn winter wonderland that they would KILL to be in. Oh the sledding we would do. Not the $200 inner tube sledding... the straight up, metal sled through goddamn trees crazy shit I did as a kid. Oh how this hurts...
...but it was SUCH a delay I decided: "Ya know what? Make videos you couldn't make in LA. Make a song with your dad." I mean, at least I'm not stuck in a hotel. When the hell will I ever get the chance to have THIS MUCH one-on-one time with my father? So once I made that attitude shift it's been kind of fun. And what was the adventure? Going to the hardware store...
And let me add, they had de-icer for the sidewalks. HAD IT. However, once used? They would no longer have de-icer. That was the emergency. Is this what happens in your 70s? Like - they did it, they had de-icer for just such an ice storm, you can just shovel some sidewalks so you can get your mail delivered throw on the de-icer (salt) and all is good. Better buy some before the next snow storm (which could honestly be years), but now we're good.
OH NO NO. There has to be back ups to the back up.
Granted, this is fallout from pandemic thinking, but I find it hilarious they WON at the game of planning by having de-icer before the snow hit... and they still feel they had no choice but to try and walk some slippery-ass shit to get more. This is how old people break hips goddamnit. Hopefully they never make the egregious de-icer mistake again.
I'm sure we'll all be set in our ways someday. Funny watching it in real-time though. But my dad and I had a ball making that song tonight - I'll probably make an entry and video about that when I get back. WHICH SHOULD BE TOMORROW. And somehow I stayed on my diet! Like, knocked it out! Eat your Move! I'm pretty stoked. I've done it for nearly 20 days now and it's almost... easy? No trick, I just simply care more about getting Volume 2 right than I do about eating whatever I want.
Simple as that.
Alright - next entry from Los Angeles. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.