11:35 PM, Sunday, January 30th, 2022:
I'm on the plane to Columbus and... oh, yeah - so I decided to come back for the funeral. Couldn't take the kids out of school for a whole week, but since I have no booked gigs this week I just had to jump. As I'm sure I will say in the video, I did what I normally do when it comes to decisions: "What would Future Adam wish you did?" Was pretty obvious after that. Always is. Good little trick.
But I'm writing this because I know that this entry is going to be sandwiched between two very somber events and it almost feels sacreligious... but it's the truth. And, I shot all this shit on the plane, it says as much about my character as anything and only the neurotic side of me is having second thoughts about sharing this during "sad week". But again, this is life... and this will be the video:
I mean, wow. I guess if you told me when I was a little kid in the 80s that in the year TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY TWO I'd be flying to my grandfather's funeral in a VR headset I'd be fucking STOKED. Ya know? I'm a bit self-conscious of how I looked, but not enough to not do it. Clearly.
I have to say? It was a really nice, relaxing, and refreshing moment to myself before all things death and support this week. I guess there IS a lesson in here after all.