9:22 PM, Wednesday, January 26th, 2022:
Man do I soil this entry with the particulars? Hmmm. The video will go here, and I'm pretty certain I will not...
...the other side to all of this is COVID. Anti-vax misinformation. Booster misinformation. Shit so difficult to hear I had to sit down. Nothing is accomplished by sharing that. So I'll only share my final feelings and what I'll choose to remember for the rest of my life:
Dude was 91 and lived LIFE. Every decade was just so full of LIFE that it's really all you can choose to focus on. This would've been a supremer tragedy 20 years ago, and when my grandmother died at 68 and my second at 76? It rocked the families. But both of my grandfather's dying of COVID at nearly 90 and 91? It really just feels like "Well, somethin' is gonna get ya... they just happened to be REALLY old during a pandemic."
I'm debating going back with or without my family to be there for my father. I would've done the same in April 2020, of course it was April 2020 so it wasn't even an option. Having a wife and kids does make the decision far more difficult than before but I just have to see when the viewing/service is gonna be because they're moving super-fast for some reason. I think it's 72 hours from now? Goddamn.
Either way, goodnight, Papou - we will speak of your stories forever.