11:14 AM, Saturday, January 22nd, 2022:
Love Jeff, fun guy to talk to... he may be the last interview I give about The Official Journey Volume 1. Doing so without Volume 2? Just feels incomplete. Let me get to that later... the interview is fun.
Wow I just watched that whole thing again. I think a better way to express what I'm feeling is that what I'm saying? Simply doesn't resonate after just watching Volume 1. It rings hollow because the end of Volume 1 is such a gut punch... like how the fuck did I even make that film 10 years ago?!?!?! I mean I guess I was on auto-pilot, and I started making it when I thought shit was gonna end with Comedy Central... but while parts are entertaining? It's not even a cliff-hanger at the end... it's just awful. Dude is alone, he has no career... it's a collection of failures that while you can appreciate the intestinal fortitude? It doesn't make for pleasant viewing...
...especially if you know me and know what's coming. So that means it's awful for strangers, and awful for people who know me from things I've done in the 2nd decade. So who the fuck is this good for? Like, I think you just wait until Volume 2 is done in June, release that... and then go out and push, push, push as The Guinness Book of World Records first and longest running vlogger sharing the first 20 years of his life. Because in Volume 2 you watch that fucker WIN. And you feel REALLY GOOD. Without that part... it pleases literally no one.
So thank you, Jeff. Thank you for making me give up on marketing Volume 1 for 6 months.