9:03 AM, Thursday, January 20th, 2022:
I know most of my friends (and probably even me a bit) didn't really believe I'd keep it up. Sure, I was burnt out with all the insurrection stuff and needed a break... that's why exactly a year ago after Biden was sworn in I wrote this:
"I get to disconnect from politics for probably the better part of this year. I don't care. I know the adults are in charge and I can relax."
I felt the same sense of relief in 2009 when Obama was sworn in, but I was actually excited about him and rooting for what he could do. I now know, especially after watching Obama's first term, that we can't actually DO anything. There is one side of the aisle desperately trying to break government to prove that it doesn't work and there's nothing we can do about it. If half your basketball team wants to prove that the ball doesn't bounce well if you stab it with a knife, you don't have a basketball team. And the people watching have completely different news sources so the game, most definitely, is over.
So I really, truly, have not watched one news segment in a year. I don't care in the least. I unsubscribed from anything and any friend that was super political on Facebook, I still see glances of shit... maybe some headlines register here and there - but I'm out. It's a pretty surreal feeling. I mean, I know enough to know Trump hasn't been indicted and that as we presumed years ago, the next president is being blamed for all the traps set up for him... but how is that news?
I think what it really is? It's the utter lack of grey now... I don't want to masturbate with people that agree with me about masks/COVID/politics and I don't want to argue with anyone who thinks a FUCKING FACE CLOTH is a political stance. It's a waste of my time. What I enjoyed about debating politics were the shades of grey and Trump erased that. I banged my head against the wall for 4 years and I'm just done. I'm certain Biden will lose in 2024, we will go 'round and 'round and leaving this country is as real as it was last August... it's just not as imminent. I'm enjoying my California bubble that I know so many people think is a hellhole (oh how we love keeping THAT going) and spending time with my family. Ya know, and filming my cats...
And make no mistake, I don't have some grand inspirational advice to share here. I'm not going to say "Oh it's so wonderful that I have peace of mind and I don't spend time debating all that shit..." no, it's awful. If you lose someone like ME? That's not good. I'm not the despondent, borderline irresponsible person that thinks "they're all the same" and "what does it matter?". They AREN'T the same, it DOES matter... but the citizens of this country have made it loud and clear that this social experiment isn't going to work...
...they will literally sit on their deathbed and refuse a vaccine to own the libs. They will absolutely make the campaign slogan "Don't Look Up". This is dystopian, propaganda is remarkable, and this is now the American way. I'm just a realist. I'd rather find our commonalities than try to bridge our differences. Does that mean I'll spend my last few years on this planet by a campfire at the end of civilization? Maybe.
Anyone want to take my time machine to the year 2057? I sure don't.