12:47 PM, Wednesday, January 19th, 2022:
I truly believe that on my deathbed, even if I win the lottery (that I never play) and am a billionaire... I will still think the cost vs. value of this experience is just so goddamned far out of whack. More on that later... and in the video of course - LOL.
It's so funny, I want to defend myself SO BADLY because I really was happy to spend the money just so the kids could experience this, but that's why I added the snowboarding line. I know that from the gear to the fees, etc - snowboarding is infinitely more expensive... but there is actual VALUE to it, because that's not something I could do in Ohio for free. I'm happy to pay whatever the going rate is for a special experience...
...going down a fucking hill on a tube? Not even a real SLED? Duuuuuuude. That's a tough pill to swallow. The other stuff was cool too, but again - not for $20 a ride. I mean what in the serious hell.
But overall? Just a wonderful experience to get to have in what legitimately was a staycation. This was just a normal 3-day weekend. I cannot believe I've been out here for 22 years and have never done that. Well I did go to Lake Arrowhead in 2005... did I wax poetic about the climate difference then?
<does a quick scan>
Ooooh, yeah, was in the midst of some other drama at the time, so, no... but it was also May and not particularly snowy (there there was some).
But truly, I'm super enamored with how close this is - and the kids took to the irritating part of snow pretty well so I think snowboards and/or skiing may be in the future. Time will tell...