4:22 PM, Monday, January 17th, 2022:
COVID didn't close our cabin.
COVID didn't close the snow park.
SNOW didn't close the roads.
None of us believed this was happening until the night before we left and even THAT gave us pause because of what happened last month. DRIVING there I was certain something was going to go wrong and absolutely, positively, nothing did. We're home now and I've decided I have to make this two entries as the main part of the trip was the Big Bear Alpine Slide Park but that was after the first day...
...the magical first day where the kids just played in the snow. Something they've never done (although they technically saw it and walked around in a slight dusting in 2017 back in Columbus). No this was real snow. Packing snow. Snowball snow. Snow. It was glorious...
Next entry I'll get into the grandeur of the snow amusement park. Something I was truly unaware existed. Yes, for the price of 5 people going to Disneyland (I shit you not) you got to play in snow and ride some cool mountain themed rides.
Glad we can afford it, but holy shit. For a kid who literally WALKED OUTSIDE for something similar, this was an eye-opener.