11:22 AM, Monday, January 10th, 2022:
So we tested the kids and they were negative which begs the question: when exactly is the window fo vaccinated people to test positive? In someone with a normal immune system, the vaccine allows your body to take an exposure and almost immediately kick it's ass. By the time you even feel a symptom it could be out of your body within hours. And an anti-body test is moot because all vaccinated people have antibodies... so how do you know? Here's the facts as we know 'em...
Karen spent a couple weeks with her sister who is married to a mailworker who worked throughout. They felt crappy, but of course the reason Karen was there was because her sister was having back surgery so feeling crappy is par for the course. Everyone in this scenario is vaccinated and boosted so defining symptoms is really difficult. When Karen came home she was having some strange backpain herself, and was fatigued but nothing bad enough to say "I'm sick." She took the kids on December 28th for our anniversary, for which they came home on the 29th and we spent New Year's Day with her.
January 3rd the kids go back to school and the following Tuesday morning Cam asks why his scrambled eggs smell like rotten fish. My first instinct is to tell him to shut up and eat his fucking eggs already, you're gonna be late for school. Then I looked at Talya and thought "Hmmm, that's weird." Vienna also didn't eat her eggs but mostly because she thought they were bad... not because she herself thought they smelled or tasted funny. Wednesday Cam did have a lot of snot, but he has crazy allergies and is always stuffed up or has a cough. It only sticks out now because of Friday:
Talya and I both got a headache on Friday that lasted all day. It was strange to me because I only ever felt this headache after my booster. My reaction to the booster was pretty much HALF of what my reaction to the second shot was, but it included a specific type of headache that I just can't explain any other way except: it's the COVID headache. It's your body fighting something. I had never had a headache like this in my life. Not debilitating... just a dull throb in a very specific paret of your head that just feels odd.
Then Saturday? Hoo-boy. The headache was still there and now the fatigue. Wasn't quite as bad as the day after the booster (and not even in the same ballpark as the 2nd shot -fuuuuuck), but it was clearly a thing. When Karen came to take the kids for her weekly sleepover at 3? I went straight to bed. Took a nap, wrote the last entry, took another nap, ate... took another nap - it basically followed the exact same pattern as the day after the booster. Again, no other symptoms. And I feel the need to reiterate this: The only other time I've had symptomless fatigue was after these shots. I mentioned it in the entry back in May, but it was almost like you just took a pill. The most surreal feeling to not have a sore throat, runny nose... the normal cold things - but JUST this foggy feeling. It's unmistakeable and why I'm absolutely certain that we all were exposed, but it was so heavily filtered that our bodies just took it out.
I mean think of it, Karen would've given a smaller exposure to the kids, who then gave us an even smaller exposure simply because kids to spread it differently on top of them being vaccinated. By the time it got to us, it was just not a whole lot of the virus. Our body said "Alright - let's DO THIS" and it went to town and all we had was a headache and fatigue. I woke up this morning like a bat out of hell (seriously, I felt incredible) and Talya is still kinda struggling. Identical to our reactions to the shots. It hit me like a 2x4 and then at the 36 hour mark it was like a light bulb turned on and it disappeared. Talya lingered for 3-4 days, but she didn't get that initial hit I did.
Now, we only have 2 tests left and they may be mandating testing so we're gonna save them for the kids... but even if we took them, would we even have enough in us to test positive? If the kids are already negative I really wonder. But also? Who cares? We're to the point that all of these proceedures are to help the idiot anti-vaxxers. I don't give a fuck and honestly would like to see them disappear. Now that we're vaccinated, let's GOOOOOOOOOOO. Ya know? Time to start life. A version of COVID is gonna be around forever and it's going to evolve to target the weakest among us, and that's clearly the unvaccinated. Now, my heart goes out to the parents of 0-4 year olds. Apparently the dose they tested on the little ones was just too small and it has set back the release of that shot. Then again, a 3 year old when this started is about to turn 5... and truly kids younger than that are just not getting walloped like the rest of us. It's time to live again. If you choose to go out unprotected, so be it.
The only thing I do appreciate is vaccine mandates for public indoor places (which they have in LA), because it's still quite clear that unvaccinated people can have it and spread it for so much longer. If our family is any indication, we're talking 24-48 hours and there's no trace of it. I'm reading about unvaccinated people testing positive for weeks. From a public health perspective, that pretty much says it all.
Looking at video I took yesterday and found one that kinda kills two birds with one stone: shows an overview of the work on the two rooms and has me and Talya talking about how we feel. Good slice of life...
We ended up celebrating with chinese food last night because it feels like we're SUPER protected now. Vaccinated, boosted and an exposure that our bodies just CRUSHED. Bring, on, THE MOUNTAINS!