5:33 PM, Saturday, January 8th, 2022:
If I just did this entire week with COVID, I'm either a bigger badass than I thought or we had a pretty small exposure which our body is knocking out. I'm in bed at the moment so I'll just write about what this entry was supposed to be about and leave the COVID shit for later. Overview video here...
So yeah, call this the week that I realized, unequivocally, it ain't 2012. First week of December I realized this shit was kicking my ass and figured I'd just knock out alcohol and be good to go. I mean, I'm sleeping a bit better so that had to have helped, but yeeeeeeah, not so much. I'm fat, old and now no longer posioning myself each night but that wasn't exactly the solution to my problems. Seems the overweight/age portion is the real killer. And attempting to focus on a diet and workout routine in the midst of abject chaos seems completely futile. It takes so much brain power to pull that off and I can't let my family operate in a construction zone any longer than humanly necessary. We're taking the kids to the mountains on the 15th (barring an unforseen 2020s life interruption) and my first day back (1/18) feels like when I'll have enough of the heavy construction done to focus on me just a bit. Progress on the studio and loft will just have to slow down because I really need to not be this person anymore. Fuck this beard. Fuck Volume 2 and 2020 Adam. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
These really are the doldrums of construction because it's layered... so you don't really feel a sense of accomplishment. You put a wall up? Hellz yes. The door? That was an exciting day... but then it's just day after day of work that soon gets covered up. Like I'm taking all the cement and old dry wall that I took out to put in the door and putting it WITHIN my new wall for soundproofing purposes. That shit takes so long. And then you cover it up. Step by step... then I'll eventually finish all of the insulation, then all of the drywall... and then acoustic tile on top of that... but it doesn't have that impact that, say - the framing did. Because your imagination already saw that once you framed it. Now you just have to catch up to your imagination. Ugh.
And as you can see - it's ALLLLLLLLLLL out of order, and not because I'm an idiot - but because I'm creating on the fly, and I wasn't even gonna have a finished ceiling until I decided to make that loft. Then you sit in the studio with the kids up there and you go: "Oh fuck, yeah - I need to do everything in my power to soundproof that." It's this massive disorganizational nightmare and I very clearly want it to be over. LOL. Like - fucking hell.
For now I'm going back to sleep (just had a 90 minute nod-off) and I guess we'll need to test the kids? Cam had a weird smell thing earlier... I mean, no need for me and Talya to run out to get tested as a positive would change literally nothing in our lives since we stay home. Ironically now the kids are on the front lines... but man they're really symptomless. Talya and I however are having some very familiar post vaccine symptoms. Anyway - more once there's something to report.
Ahhh 2022... you couldn't be easy could ya.