9:45 PM, Friday, December 31st, 2021:
The video says it all... or will say it all whenever I get THAT done...
The kids are so happy with what is sooooo little space. LOL. I mean, once we get carpet in and a bed and lights... it will be pretty cool - but it's fucking plywood and a roof that you can only SIT UP in. Ya know? But it is a legit "upstairs", which has been their dream for years.
What it also is? Is an escape hatch for Vienna when Cam gets too annoying. It could also very well be where she sleeps in the future (though they'd have to share a closet in the main bedroom). It's a solution to a problem that's coming very soon: they won't be able to share a bedroom in their teens. We'll see how it transforms over time. Hell I can even make a little door to the rest of the attic (where we shot Meeting Michael) and maybe make that even more space. Heat is an issue of course... she has a register RIGHT there, so it could be OK - but in the winter that space gets hot as hell in comparison to the rest of the house (if the sun is out) and we can't exactly turn on the air conditioning to the whole house in December so climate control is gonna be a problem to solve. Some solar panels over that section of the roof would help a bunch as well as maybe a wall unit... time will tell! Made this thing way earlier than necessary so we'll be able to see what is necessary as the seasons change.
But alas, this is the year-ender. I'll have to do the real year-ender tomorrow which feels super weird as I've never done that in 23 years, but this has been a super-weird time. The kids are actually in the loft NOW attempting to sleep their overnight. With sleeping bags on plywood because they can even DO that shit. Goddamn, my body hurts just thinking about that.
Good luck to 'em. Happy New Year...