8:21 AM, Sunday, December 26th, 2021:
I cannot believe I'm actually sitting here doing Journey entries and videos the day we're leaving, but I'm trying to put everything on auto-pilot for when we're gone. I have stuff uploading every day until 12/30 so that's pretty badass. Here's where the Christmas video will go...
...and it was another wonderful Christmas. memorable mostly because I was up for 2 hours, and Talya for a full hour before the kids even woke up. They were all "WE'LL BE UP at 5 am!!!" and finally at 7 - I had to wake them up (as you saw). But it makes for a funny opener. Been awhile since we had a waking up video.
Not much more to write - gotta continue getting ready - NEXT ENTRY FROM COLUMBUS!!!! AHHH~!~