7:49 PM, Tuesday, December 21st, 2021:
I cannot believe this video. I just can't believe it...
I love that what I'm most annoyed about is that it took hours out of my day trying to build shit. LOL. So me. I'm trying to get as much done as possible by Christmas since we're leaving town and I'm falling short. My mind is used to a 10 year younger, 50 pound lighter Adam... and he's quite disappointed. Ha. I've even stopped drinking just to squeeze more out of my body and it still doesn't care. I figured maybe that was hurting me? Nope, come to find out youre old and fat. I mean, sure, taking POISON out of your diet has to help your recovery... but I need a LOT more than that to feel better. Apparently what I need is a STEROID SHOT.
So they gave me steroids and warned me: "You will feel stronger. You are not stronger."
I must've been rambling about my construction shit and the dude was like "Be careful... this will make you feel invincible..."
AND I HAVE FELT INVINCIBLE ALL DAY. Finished the framing for my ceiling... Oh, yeah, I'm doing a ceiling now which meant I had to tear down the faux TV wall I had before and make a real one that can support weight... because this keeps getting more and more permanent. Someday I'll make a loft and everyone will be happy. For now I just keep desperately trying to finish this to some degree so on January 3rd when I'm back in town and the kids are in school? I can start. Considering I have 3 days left... I think I'm gonna be a bit off. Heh.
But yeah, those steroids rocked - I have ZERO soreness or pain from the bee sting. Though I will say when you get stung at the back of your mouth they're like "RIGHT THIS WAY SIR" in the ER. I felt bad with all the attention I was getting but the dude was like "Oh no, this was the right move. These things can go one of two ways and you want to be at a hospital when it does."
Anyway - epi-prescription in hand so that's a new thing I have to deal with. I guess I'm allergic to bees? What the shit?