10:49 AM, Sunday, December 12th, 2021:
Welp, there it is...
The frustrating thing is? All this tells me is that I have needed a publicist for 20 years. When these things are unveiled there are usually news crews around... tons of people - space rented out, press releases, etc. Becuase their plaques were more special? No. Because they worked it. But as is the usual mantra for me: I'm so exhausted creating everything, I cannot market it. I mean, I could barely stop editing Volume 1 to open this fucking thing. And it'll just go in my office, never to be heard from again.
So that's my INITIAL thought... LOL. Given a little more time...
...holy shit, I'm in the Guinness Book of World records on their site, I'm in their BOOK, I have a plaque. And all of this is because that idiot stalker who I refuse to name logged into wikipedia a few months ago and erase me from the vlogging page. I happened to see it, got it reinstated... and then started googling myself and found that I was in Guinness since 2016. <throws hands up> What a crazy turn of events.
And now it's in my hands. I say in the video: "Holy shit it worked" because I asked for it, they said "maybe" they'd send one... then they didn't for 2 months. I wrote them again on 11/22 and it was here less than 3 weeks later on 12/10. Which again, goes to show you, hardly anything "just happens". You have to push and push and push and push. You have to constantly say "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME" to have anything move forward and why? Because everyone else is doing it. And they're so much louder, they take up so much bandwidth... even having facts on your side makes no difference. You have to squeek as loud as them.
And while most of us know that's true in showbiz - it is pretty spectacular that applies here. LOL. Like, they put me in the book without contacting me? Then never send me a plaque? What? I have to write them multiple times? It's all so bizarre.
Oh and can I mention that what it says on the plaque is different than what it says on their site?
"The first video blog (aka "vlog") posted on the internet is widely considered to be an online journal called The Journey first posted by Adam Kontras (USA) on 2 January 2000. The vlog followed Kontras' journey from his hometown of Columbus in Ohio, USA, to California, USA, in pursuit of a career in show business.
As of 4 May 2016, the vlog is still running, both on Kontras' own website and also now on YouTube, making it the longest-running video blog."
And on the plaque:
"The first video blog posted on the internet was created by Adam Kontras (USA) on 2 January 2000"


I know beggars can't be choosers but the plaque makes it look like I just randomly uploaded one video in 2000. LOL. Uhm, jesus, it's quite a bit more than that. But I have to assume I would get a final plaque posthumously that determines it was the longest running vlog. The fact that this solidifies it was the first ipso-facto makes it the longest running because it's still going. But I do indeed kind of wish it said that on the plaque. Oh well.
But all the gratitude in the world to the vloggers out there that made this a "thing", because when I started it most definitely was NOT a thing and my own vlog is not what MADE it a thing. Without YouTube coming along and the other vloggers making it a viable medium - no one would've cared to make a vlogging section in The 2017 Guinness Book of World Records... which means no one would've cared who was first. So - thank, you. Whew.
Now back to the edit... delivering the deliverables on Tuesday!