8:46 PM, Friday, November 30th, 2021:
Here, I'm done... can I please get to "Where You Once Belonged." EARLY?
I desperately want to pay this video and entry the proper time and respect it deserves... but I moved a few things yesterday and now I need to do more... I'm clearly starting this project early so I can actually start RECORDING in January. I'm buzzin'. But as I said in the video - more in the next entry...
So yes, it was another amazing weekend in the annals of "best weekend ever" history. Kind of funny that one of the only times we've ever lost to Xichigan will probably be remembered as the best Thanksgiving weekend because of the vaccination shots, the Beatles inspiration and the Laker game. Seriously - we did so much. It felt like a coming out party for our quarantined family. LIFE. IS. STARTING. Cannot wait to see my family in Ohio next month. AHHHHHHH.
And, uhm, is anyone noticing LeBron playing out of his mind right now? I feel like Westbrook sucking takes all the air out of his story. Westbrook (and Davis to an extent) are just so disappointing man. Westbrook is so bad they're better just benching him. That's crazy. But LeBron played great again and CAM GOT TO SEE LEBRON. Whew. I was nervous that wasn't gonna happen.
Alright it's Christmas time, gimme a week to get this studio in order and I'll write an entry about everything. If I don't start this shit like NOW I'm gonna have an aneuyrsm.