6:48 PM, Monday, November 15th, 2021:
What a way to spend your last day before going back to school...
...to be fair this was just the morning. After this we spent the day walking around Lake Balboa and going to <HOLY SHIT> Target. The funny thing is, to us? Target would be the entry right now. But that'll seem pretty silly in a couple weeks whereas what Cam accomplished with Metroid is really, really impressive...

...but I'l say this - he's got about 2 years tops before nothing other than outright world records are going to be impressive to anyone. The best gamers are getting younger and younger and I do wonder if we'd even let him do what is required to be an actual professional gamer. It seems sosilly to think of that stuff now but he really is that good. And again, it's not the eye-hand coordination which, yes, is impressive. It's the ability to just keep pushing. These speed runners that he watches all the time? He's watching their end results. To get to that? It's hundreds of hours. That just ain't happening until he's a teen and even then... if he's like me? He's gonna have, uhm, other points of focus.
But I'm being a dad. A little too ahead of myself. I'm proud as hell of his "never give up" attitude and I must add in one caveat: if he wants it. Oh he'll give up on homework, or any movie with more than two scenes of dialogue back to back (THE HORROR)... but beating a hard game? He'll power through. It's really amazing.
And so ends our quarantine. Tomorrow morning, almost unebelievably, we're taking the kids to school. I won't believe it until it happens. Over 20 months. Goodness.