5:00 PM, Monday, November 1st, 2021:
How happy are we...
And can I just say Supermana Jones is my new favorite Halloween costume. Vienna didn't want to carry her proton pack so I threw THAT in as well and I was ALL 1980s man. Good stuff... speaking of good stuff, the kids got more than they bargained for...
There were sooooo many more houses. I had over 30 minutes of footage. I was whooped, the kids were whooped... and it was worth every second. I'm glad we were able to pull it off and there were only a few times where massive crowds freaked us out a bit. We told the kids to just hurry up (you can hear it on that last house) and in my mind I kept counting the seconds and they were never really near anyone for more than 30... so I felt good.
...well I'll feel good in a couple days when they get their vaccine. Looks like that's Thursday - MAAAAAAAAYBE Wednesday if we get lucky. No idea why we have to wait for the CDC to repeat what the FDA said, but oh well. We're here. It's this week. The kids should be able to return to school on Tuesday, November 16th... more on why we're not waiting until they're fully vaccinated if and when that occurs.
For now? We eat more candy. Guys, I'm serious - it's the most candy I've ever seen two children get. Easily twice what they've ever gotten. Goodness.