1:44 PM, Thursday, October 28th, 2021:
Just when you think you're out they pull you back in...
As I say at the beginning of the video, I really was prepared to just focus on Cam or whichever youngins start kicking butt. The old crew is, well, old. We've all won it. We're all boring and no one wants to see us win (especially me). But then something truly remarkable happens and you just know it needs to be documented on more than our leaderboard. So with that, I give you Halloween Match-Play Madness 2021:
I really wish is hadn't been me so people truly believed I'm documenting this because of the statistical anomally that is this outcome. Hell even being down 2 going into the last hole of a match is super-rare and of course if someone is down 1, I can't fathom anyone would have the balls to use the Zero shot as a normal hole-in-one would force overtime... no this shit is just super rare and to hit it? Again, in a decade it's never happened and that zero shot has been around since summer '16. I always HOPED it would create moments like this, but even when people have been down by two strokes on the last hole, it just never works out. Also - you not only have to be down 2, you have to be the last person golfing! If you're down by 2 strokes and the other person is going last? You absolutely do the normal shot, hope to get the hole-in-one to cut it to 1 stroke and then pray they hit an off-course and bogey. THAT is far more feasible than the zero shot which can easily become a double-bogey in mere moments.
But there it was. I also like that I kept all the surrounding chaos and music and noise as opposed to the other tournament videos because it really feels like that night felt. I mean - this was big for our family. Everyone dressed up... food, music - and all of it pretty last minute. I just wanted the kids to have a fun night SO BAD. Probably a little foolish since they get their shots most likely NEXT WEEK, but we're outside... every adult was vaccinated... it meant everything. I'd venture to say it was the most fun they've had in years. Literally.
Anyway - what a shot. What a tournament. What an amazing little course I have in my backyard. I really do forget because it's just not something I play except for the 6 times a year other people come over. And they play it more than me... so it was nice to remember.