10:40 AM, Sunday, October 24th, 2021:
We actually did this 10 days ago, but didn't carve them until yesterday...
This might be the moment Talya and I realized we were walking through nostalgia... and not being fully present. The kids are past this and although they too love the nostalgia as they love watching these videos? It felt like playing make-believe. Bittersweet of course, but what can you do?
That's the thing about this quarantine period: it's like we left them in suspended animation nearly two years ago and then BOOM! We're out! We're back! Holy shit these kids got taller... what? It's a pretty massive chunk of their childhood that got kinda stolen. I'm annoyed. But they're still kids. 9 and almost 8 are still kids. Can't be too sad and mopey in the present when there's so much time still left to go...
...but boy oh boy can we see it now. Our babies are a memory. Our kids however are present.