11:31 AM, Saturday, October 23rd, 2021:
Y'ALL DON'T KNOW. You have no idea how crazy this really is...
This is my 8th year doing The Marty Package. The neighbor lady has always been wonderful, I have a true affection for her after all these years... but the actual owners? Head nod here and there, but the dude clearly wants nothing to do with the fandom. They've owned the home since Back to the Future 2 and are just done.
I get the feeling, and I'm only in year 8. Ahem.
So what happened today was just... crazy. I think they've just seen me SO MANY TIMES now I mean, I've probably done 50 Marty Packages over the years? It's the literal best bang for your buck and my favorite package (second of course to people coming over and me NEVER TURNING THE CAR ON). But man, they were really nice. The owner's daughter wanted a PICTURE with the car?!! I cut the video before I did this, but I ran up to the guy who bought the package and said, LMFAO, "You will get out of this car and let that woman take a picture. You will do it now."
BWAHAHAHA. Mother fucker pays $300 for this package and I'm talking to him like he's some bum on the side of the street. HAHAHAHAHA. He understood, it was a very quick little delay, but I was as serious as a heart attack. So stunned they were suddenly "ok"? And then I proceeded to have a nice long talk with the older man and since we both have a background in mechanic work - we got along swimmingly. I want to buy them all gifts of some sort. Especially Joan the neighbor who is just wonderful. She's a Cowboys fan. I'll find somethin' good..