11:31 AM, Friday, October 22nd, 2021:
Oh the incredible ways time sneaks up on you...
HollywoodScreentest.com was 2000. That story was the absolute crux of that first year and the only reason we even made it past 6 months. It then crumbled within that same year handing the first big 2x4 to our faces in what would become a repeating pattern for that decade. Rereading those 2000 entries now it hardly resonates what it meant, because I didn't really write The Journey the way I do now. That didn't happen until the REAL heartbreak with Aspen in 2001 and the fallout with Charlotte. Finally cemented when Jess left in 2004 and The Journey became this incredibly vulnerable documentation of therapy.
However, Hollywood Screentest felt as intense at the time even though it's nearly glossed over within those first 100 entries. Actually, hang on, is it?
<goes back to skim>
Oh goodness. No I absolutely documented the shit out of it... just more in print than video. Holy balls did I really make Entry #64 public THEN!?!?! This was before I had ever "locked" something. Goddamn - if that had been my kid posting I would've been like "dude, don't put that up" LOL. MY FATHER PROBABLY DID!@!!! Bwahahahaha! The tables have turned!!!
But yeah, they used me really hard and competely fucked me over. I finally had to straight up tell my producer that even though we had shot the Wolverine Movie Minded that I could not continue what was now the 4th Movie Minded for free. Man, looking back, maybe I was indeed right to post that. They were not a good company and it was a pretty good lesson come to think of it. Wow - 2000 was amazing. It's actually too bad I can't really get into it in the Journey Movie because so many other things towered over it in stature... but it's a good lesson in how Hollywood works.
So yeah - it's date night, I'm going to my car and BOOM: it hits me. That was Hollywood Screentest's offices. Hadn't been there in over 20 years and it just brought back this wave of emotions. It's funny, this isn't normally something that would be a video or entry... but in fact? It's exactly what should be a video and entry. It's the core of The Journey: what changes you as a character. And that memory of 2000 just hitting me... or, well, hitting any reader that read 2000 in real time. They never saw the offices then. I didn't document the same way back then because nowhere could actually HOUSE the video. The advent of YouTube really did fundamentally change how you could do this project. Crazy.
Goddamn, I've been doing this a very, very long time.