11:31 AM, Thursday, October 21st, 2021:
This is absolutely amazing...
Man, what do I even add to that?!! I'll say this... in the original spot, Don wasn't driving the car. Well, they didn't show him IN the car and he didn't have a line. Then a month later they hired him again to finish it off. It's plausible to me that IN that time they saw Fastest Delorean and decided to really hit the allusion home, but we'll really never know. I did mention it to the director at the first shoot, he hadn't seen it then... but showing Don behind the wheel and a funny line? <shakes head> I just can't imagine it's all a coincidence. I mean when the hell was Don or even Goldie Wilson ever known for driving a sports car? That's alllllllllllll from Fastest Delorean. White car to boot? Side by side??! Losing AGAIN!? Wow. Just, wow.
No matter what - this is a pretty perfect piece for the Mayor and Me pitch. You know the show I keep trying to forget about but keeps beating me over the head.
(sigh) Happy Future Day 2021.