5:15 PM, Tuesday, October 19th, 2021:
How on earth have we done this 12 straight times?
I mean, yeah - we live here. But it still kind of blows my mind we've always made the schedules work. I forsee a time in the 2030s where the kids will be on our phones in the picture as they're off on their own adventures... but I mean, how have I not had a gig!!? How have we not been out of town? Wild.
So this trip, sadly, is still masked and outside. A fact that would've confused the fuck out of me a year ago. INSANELY effective vaccine, readily available... still 100,000 cases a day and nearly 2,000 deaths. How the fuck. It's actually WORSE than it was a year ago. Now it was about to go INTO the fucking stratosphere and at 50% vaccination that SHOULD help? But I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't exactly the same. Only difference: It's just taking out the red states now. Nature does find a way to weed out the idiots... The top, what 20 per capita states? All Republican, all still believe it's a hoax. Run by governors who fight mask mandates because 'Murica.
But anyway? We are awaiting October 25th for the FDA's recommendation and apparently now the CDC has to meet the following Tuesday to say the same goddamn thing, so the earliest the kids can get their vaccine is probably November 4th. It's a bummer, but we presumed Halloween and being off 4 days ain't a big deal. They could still conceivably have their second shot by Thanksgiving and be fully vaxxed by early December. Which is why last week I bought PLANE TICKETS TO OHIO FOR THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!! AHHHHHH. So excited. It's been 3 years. THREE YEARS.
Jesus what does this have to do with Starbucks!??!?! Nothing. LMAO. Little tangent there. I love you Talya - we're gonna make it to that first vaccine in a couple weeks without anyone getting COVID. Somehow. Unreal. What a monumental parenting feat.
WE RULE. Happy Anniversary.