8:34 AM, Thursday, October 14th, 2021:
FINALLY. The world gets to see what I saw nearly a year ago. So happy everyone is freaking out the way I did...
So this is actually a sproof of concept for an already written biopic by the production company that rented out GolfKon last year. It's a fact that is lost in just, how, amazing, Jamie is... but one that certainly throws a wrinkle into the outcome of everything. It's simply not how Hollywood works and I honestly can't see how this gets made the way they think it will. A Robin Williams biopic is "Ray" level. It's "Bohemian Rhapsody" level... and all the logistics therein. Any a-lister that could come close to this impression will be DYING for the part... every major studio will want this and they will not let a small production company handle it, period. This IP is just, too, big. I remember talking late into the night with Jamie and the other members of the production company and they had so much passion and it's truly genuine... but there's just too much involved in this IP and I cannot fathom how anyone except Jamie would ever be involved. Even JAMIE is a risk because of how green he is... but he's SO fucking good I believe he has a shot. Then again he was also amazing as Han Solo and they chose someone else because they didn't want a "mimic". I thought that was kind of short-sighted then... but I wouldn't put it past Hollywood to do the same to him on this, either. Nicole Kidman is playing Lucy over Deborah Messing for fuck's sake. Because apparently Deborah doesn't have "the chops"? Huh? Deborah is a comedic actress that looks EXACTLY like Lucy and Nicole Kidman looks like an alien lizard. How the fuck that got greenlit is beyond me. I'm not gonna judge why an actress would cut her face that much, this industry and the pressures are AWFUL for women, but clearly it should have ruled her out to play a period piece from the 1950s??!
And that's the point. Jamie needs a good agent, and a good agent NOW. Because that dude made me cry with the blink of an eye. Robin Williams is UBER special to me and most of the fucking planet. I don't know how they could EVER cast ANYONE in that role except Jamie, now that that video is out. He effectively erased the ability for anyone else to be successful at it. It's a helluva power play and I'm curious to see how it plays out. Just once you hope the little guy gets the big chance and they don't just give it to Ryan Reynolds or some shit. (No offense to Ryan Reynolds)
As I said in the video: it has to be the greatest embodiment of another human I have ever witnessed. It's so far beyond "mimic", and I hope the big studios and production companies believe that. And to my friends at the smaller production company? I hope you had good contracts and at least get a payday because I don't see any way you can be involved in something with THIS much riding on it. This is a billion dollar IP. Easy.