8:08 AM, Sunday, October 5th, 2021:
It's time...
I wish I could sit here and not address the fact that Eminem mentioned me in a song but it's The Journey and I can't let that pass.
...now we all know he didn't, and technology has gotten to the point where you can literally type into a website and have it spit back out audio in different voices. Throw in a beat and suddenly it's fairly indistinguishable other than the fact that I'm not even famous enough for Eminem to say he DOESN'T know me. LMFAO. Even THAT would be a level a fame. And as I stated earlier, quite clearly no one reads Guinness anymore. I presume copyright-wise I can't legally do this, but this will have nothing to do with the release in December and I guess if YouTube takes it down so be it. I really just thought the technology was cool (and super scary) and it totally blew my mind. Also, Eminem was a pretty big goddamn deal at the turn of the century and it really just fits with the story I'm trying to tell 2000-2010.
And of course it sets off the start of the editing journey and, well, it's not a fun one. It's one I've been avoiding because even after like 5 minutes back in that world the emotions kick my ass. Even 20 years later. 10 years ago it was painful too, but since it was such a "present" project I soldiered through. Now? Oh jesus I'm so far removed from that period and to rip open those wounds again? Not so much the personal relationship ones - but the career ones will always sting. No matter how much my brain knows I played the cards I was dealt as well as I could possibly do it (even if they were badly played) - you still see underachievement. But I look at it like this: for everyone who thinks I'm the Delorean guy... who see me struggling sometimes with what THEY see as the best life ever - as if I'm humblebragging when I'm frustrated - I focus on telling THEM the story of why my soul is always somewhere else. Very few people in my life now know what I'm capable of and I kind of want to show them and then say "See why everything is a little bittersweet?" - which is what Volume Two will show. I wouldn't trade Volume 2 for Volume 1 EVER... best ten years of my life by FAR... but man, I was really good. I needed a few more things to go my way and, well, they didn't.
But I'm alive. And I still believe. I'm ready to put 2000-2010 to rest.