1:28 PM, Friday, September 3rd, 2021:
Ohhhhhh you bastards...
I'm kind of making a bigger deal out of this than it is... well that's not true. It wasn't as egregious as the first time when this happened to me and Jimmy in 2017. Actually... now that I look at it - that was only a couple hours longer than this one. So yeah, this is pretty bad. You have a 2 hour drive there, a 5 hour gig, a 2 hour drive back... I'm told I can't tow it with a truck so I literally have no way to leave to eat. I speak to the DJ about it and he's as flummoxed as me, texts our contact and they tell us about a freaking market we can walk to and it's like - REALLY? Taking care of the crew is absolutely crucial. I mean, I know I have a soft-spot for the crew (literally my favorite people on the planet) because that aspect of filmmaking or event planning is in my BONES. They're your backbone - you treat them well because without them, you're nothing.
But this is often a problem with event companies (usually the bigger they are the worse they skimp) because it gets so big they see everyone as pieces and not people. When I do small events (the majority of my gigs) this is never an issue. So let this be a lesson to me to negotiate HUMAN NEEDS before agreeing to these gigs.
AND THAT BITCH THAT TOLD ME TO HIDE. Girl... I had to stop explaining things to people asking about the car to leave for you. They want to talk to the owner, they want to be shown the car... what are you smoking? I was dressed better than half the people there... you just get off at treating "help" like they're expendable. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT. Don't get me started.

Good payday though. LOL.
WELCOME TO SEPTEMBER EVERYBODY!!!!! Woo hoo! My favorite 4 months of the year! And man it felt good to watch the Buckeyes last night!!!! That was the worst roughing the passer call I've ever seen! Glad we overcame that...