1:13 PM, Tuesday, August 31st, 2021:
I'll give you a first: am I the first person to have no idea he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for over 5 YEARS? How could that even be possible? LOL. Here's the story...
Isn't that absolutely bizarre? Like, I still can't fully wrap my head around how this happened because clearly when I submitted the application in 2010 I either did something wrong and inadvertently cancelled it or THEY cancelled it. I'm thinking that because the date had passed for when the record was "taking place" the computer just cancelled it because it was past May 7th, 1999. Like, it could be that simple. I have no idea. And if they had actually taken 6 years to finally put it up after my application - they would've emailed me, which they did not. So I'm thinking there was a technicality in 2010 and then for whatever reason they decided to add it - most likely while Charles Trippy was getting notriety for posting the most daily vlogs in a row (he did it daily for a decade).

Of course it has to be noted, that all of these people did it after YouTube which allowed the ability to publish and advertise in a way that just simply wasn't possible in 1999/2000. But there's a pretty massive part of me (like all of me) that feels genuinely relieved this wasn't a thing. Because I wouldn't have been able to stomach some of the things housed within The Journey with an audience of millions. Well, I would've, I just wouldn't have been WAY LESS vulnerable and the stories would've been curtailed so much. It would've kept it from being therapeutic which in the end is the only reason this keeps going in year 22. So, the anonymity is a Catch-22 for sure.
That being said? I could handle it now. LOL. Like, you can't phase me NOW, I'm an old man. You can barely touch the surface of hurting my feelings because my home life is so stable. Then again, I will not and cannot change the process of The Journey. I need the written parts, I like the videos not always being completely self-contained because I want it to be in conjunction with the written words. That's why I have always found it fun to scroll through... you click the video within the entry almost like looking at pictures in a magazine, and then continue. I enjoy that type of communication.
So yeah, I'm super stoked about this being cemented - find it absolutely hilarious that no one bothered to tell me in the past 5 years - and wonder if it means more views? Probably not. And I just keep on going...

...like, I want you to watch the two docs coming up. THAT I hope can get wildly famous and keep me from ever working on that damn car again. LOL. But, the actual video blog? I'm cool with it being exactly like it is. It's for me and my family, I simply let others see it.