1:49 PM, Friday, August 27th, 2021:
So to counteract the utter disappointment that is NOT being able to go to school again, Talya and I decided we'll just break shit up. The one nice thing about "Independent Study" as opposed to last year which was full-out zoom school is that we work at our own pace. From 3-4pm they sit in with a teacher, but it's pretty bare bones. Last year they were in zoom all morning and some of the afternoon with work in between... it was intense. Now? We can get up, read in the morning - take it easy, go for walks - or as we did today? Just surprise the kds and go minigolfing:
Now I'm sure your first thought is "uhm, you have a minigolf course in your backyard...", but, yeah, that's actually why it's cool - seeing other holes after staring at our same 9 for 10 years. It was a good excursion until what happened AFTER the end of this video. Cam fell in the goddamned lake. And proceeded to be an uber asshole the rest of the day because there was fuck all we could do for him. Talk about a life lesson there - literally "fuck around and find out" LMFAO.
I finally did pull him aside and explain how the best athletes and competitors in the world do so under extreme duress, like having everything be wet, and let's see if you can power through and still make these holes. That kinda worked. I mean - shit for a 7 year old? It worked incredibly. He did the remaining 6 hole, soaked to the bone in nasty smelly recirculated lake water and we ended up getting Wendy's Drive-thru after. I decided not to film the meltdown because I love my kid and he certainly doesn't want his humiliation spotlit but I gotta say: that's what you actually should document. Because it's a moment in time and you will grow FROM it.

But, that's my journey not his... so I'll try to keep remembering that.