9:20 AM, Friday, August 20th, 2021:
After Amazon removed my films from Prime, I had so many questions for my film distributor and figured a lot of filmmakers probably do as well... so I asked him to sit at the bar with me and talk about it. Wonderfully he said yes and to some people this will be a wildly entertaining interview, to others it will be like watching paint dry.
Such is life...
So we went for way longer than a half-hour. We talked for close to 2 1/2 and then played minigolf. I was getting a little sloppy by the end because I'm eating less to lose weight for the Journey film and trying to balance how much alcohol is necessary when you haven't eaten much is, well, really fun because my memory of last night was a goddamned blast. LMFAO.
I think what I love about Michael is his obvious anxieties and very kind nature. Like, I want to just pick him up - throw him in the air and say "WE GOT THIS MAN!!! YOU'RE GOOD!!!! DON'T WORRY!!!" because he makes me feel like I'm the most boisterous, LOUD, happy mother fucker on the planet. I'm not... but comparitively it sure seems like it. Good dude. Great company. Happy to pimp them.
The industry of course is just fucked. I guess it's all ad-based now which is just annoying, but it makes sense. At some point paying for streaming content makes no sense unless it's DRAWING subscriptions and indie films are most definitely not drawing subscriptions.
So on we go...