4:04 PM, Tuesday, August 17th, 2021:
Just got back from this gig and had to write. I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone. Here's a moment of the gig...
So everyone was masked except the principal which made me a little crazy, but it was outside, etc. I'm just a big believer in the top dog being the role model for everyone. It's why the president's messaging matters: if he doesn't take it serious? A MASSIVE SWATH of people will not take it serious.
But beyond that...
There is no social distancing, there is no safe way to do this. Not while there are still kids unvaccinated. I get it - mental health of children not interacting is crucial, and I absolutely understand why people are sending their kids if they're healthy, but the actual rollout of how this is working is such chaos - schools are gonna be shut down by Halloween. Of course it's gonna spread. Teachers are going to die. Kids are going to get really sick. We have options, we have the technology and my goodness we have the precedent to require full vaccination to attent school! I know they're waiting for the full FDA authorization but I'm not certain that's gonna change the school mandates. The anti-vaxxers are louder.
Then to find out for our school district - TESTING IS VOLUNTARY. Because that makes fucking sense. <throws hands up> It just makes me realize the best thing to do is wait until they're vaccinated and then go all-in. Kinda like having a car without seat-belts installed. You wouldn't even drive your kids around the block without seat belts... but once the seat-belts are in? ROAD-TRIP. Of course they could still be injured in an accident, but they're demonstrably safer. That's what the vaccine does - makes you capable of rolling through that virus with very little issue. There's a reason 99% of the people dying of COVID right now are unvaccinated. Once my kids get the shot? I will literally root for the unvaccinated to die. Except for that one guy I really like who still refuses. It's the only way we move forward as a society. Mother-nature is resetting. Hopefully it helps.
But I'm pissed for these kids being beholden to adults that simply aren't equipped to handle this correctly. None of this makes sense.