8:28 AM, Tuesday, August 10th, 2021:
So how do you prepare to tell your kids they're staying home until they can get the vaccine?
You take them to Universal.
We are probably 90% sure they're not gonna go back next week. The lack of a teacher vaccine mandate mixed with a Delta variant that's just ripping through the community right now is making this pretty clear. We don't make the final decision until Friday, but it's hard to see a scenario where it makes sense. We're so close to a vaccine for them...
...which also means - WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THEM TO AN AMUSEMENT PARK!?! Well, goddamnit, this was planned with tickets received (THANK YOU RUSTY!) before delta was this obviously BAD. The overwhelming majority of the park is OUTSIDE and we're all masked. As chances and risks go? This was a pretty good one to take. Especially considering after this week we could very well just be going into a full lockdown with our family... again.
So here's the day that was...
That prick nozzle without the mask was so annoying. I mean, if he had it? We have it. Straight-up. I kept telling Talya though: well, if they get it now they can go to school - so yay? (sigh) Other than that bullshit the day was fun and totally needed. The kids have zero issues with masks. Cam who has a hard time breathing ANYWAY can't WAIT to put on his Mario mask. It makes them feel safer. I swear any kid with an issue with it has PARENTS that have issues with it. Instinctively, they don't really care. They just want to go places and do shit. Of couse it feels different during a pandemic, but it doesn't trump NOTHING. We've had sooooooooooo much nothing. This was indeed something.
I cannot believe we're about to quarantine again. More later.