4:20 PM, Wednesday, July 28th, 2021:
Is this really fucking happening. I am sitting here stunned. They aren't requiring teachers to be vaccinated.
Teachers. The adults. The only people who have access to the vaccine because kids under 12 can't get it. THEY can refuse and spread it to our kids.
The ADULTS in the room. I'm gobsmacked. School starts in two weeks. The kids have been counting down the goddamned HOURS. It's all they've looked forward to. They're fine with masks - all of it... but they aren't around anyone who is unvaccinated EVER because FUCKING DUH.
Are we really going to tell them they have to stay home until their shot? They probably won't be fully vaccinated until Christmas. How the fuck?
Tell this to Cam...
This little man goin' through so much. The pressure he's under to stay safe and worry about fucking morons is so intense. He's doing great... but he's 7 man. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. How do we even explain to him that his GODDAMNED teachers are anti-vaxxers? How do you respect them!?!?! We're being told that it's only like 10% that are unvaxxed - LIKE THAT'S A FUCKING GOOD THING.
THESE ARE EDUCATORS. THAT WENT TO COLLEGE. My children aren't SAFE because of them.

Just gonna put this off for a bit. We can make the decision later. I cannot believe this.