2:19 PM, Sunday, July 25th, 2021:
So all of this has to remain private until August 3rd, but I really have already pieced this together - so I'm posting it here and just scheduling it to premiere on 8/3. Presuming you're looking back, then here you go:
So my feet.
My feet.
As I mentioned in the previous entry Talya and I spent the day walking in San Francisco. No biggie. Now it's time for that clutch. Oh man. Like... I have to fix this fucking thing. My hip and knee... and even the balls of my foot are just shot to hell. It did not help that we walked like 4 miles BEFORE an 8 hour shoot... but we really were enjoying ourselves so I don't regret it. I think.
The shoot was pretty badass for an NBA fan which is why the video is very loosely edited. I want to remember the random things that may be boring to other people. That's just how I like to document. I mean, driving that car INTO the arena? So cool. These are definitely the special moments that make all the shitty times worth it. Would still sell the fuck out of that car. LMAO.
The second part of the shoot was with the actor and took FOREVER. I don't want to step on toes here, but there was no reason to run 2 hours long and it was excruciating as a fellow director seeing efficiency mistakes but not being in a position to help. I mean, I guess I could've? But, like, first it doesn't serve me in the least (I make more when they run over) and they have no idea what my background is so it certainly wouldn't be appreciated. So we just waited...

...oh and Talya got to be by my side the entire shoot which went until nearly 2am. We go to bed at 10pm. We were fucking SHOT. And it was cold! Damn the bay! AHHH.

But what an adventure and hopefully an awesome little movie. Sometimes the job is very cool.