11:12 AM, Friday, July 23rd, 2021:
Isn't love grand...
Talya and I get along so well, I barely talk about her in here. Isn't that funny? We could spend every second of every day together and it wouldn't phase us. Feels like we're chilling as one unit...
...of course there are 4 peeps in this unit presently and that can be trying. However, they're awesome too. We do however enjoy and NEED a break from that mayhem as much as possible. And we get to be single! That's what we've always called the time spent "Just Us". I mean, we were only just us for such a tiny amount of time before kids so it still feels CRAZY ASS special when it happens... even weekly! We get all giggly and just feel like we're somehow cheating at life because it's so much fun.
So yes, we took the trip to San Francisco for a Time Machine gig with the Warriors and got to take the new TRUCK for a spin. Holy shit towing up a huge mountain OVER THE SPEED LIMIT is the craziest feeling of all-time after using an Explorer and an Expedition. On normal highway conditions you literally forget you're towing. Such a difference. So thrilled with my purchase.

The shoot didn't start until late afternoon so we spent the morning walking around the city and enjoying ourselves. Played havoc on my feet during the shoot but I'll touch on that in the next entry. Which will actually have to be locked for a bit because this video shoot was for new jerseys that aren't announced until next month.
And if this had been a more normal gig, we would've taked the kids like we did for Vegas a couple years back. But when it's a shoot? And the only free time is the day OF the shoot? Kids aren't gonna dig that shit. This was actually a tough gig to be honest. Glad we didn't have to worry about keeping them entertained.

But yes, I love my wife. She is so much a part of me I do forget that people sometimes expect you to mention that love a bunch. Ya know? Like - we keep to ourselves most of the time. We don't flaunt much... in fact I almost feel guilty showing off. It's soooooooooooooo effortless. That has to annoy the fuck out of people whose relationships are sooooooooooooo not effortless. So we tend to hug a bunch and revel in our good fortune...
...but this is also The Journey and when I'm dead and gone I don't want people thinking I was hiding some shit. Nope, we're pretty boring. Pretty happy and it feels redundant to repeat it constantly.
<3 <3 <3